Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here are some of the things I made yesterday... (sorry about the pictures- it started getting dark when I was taking them).

A close up...

Double strand blue cloisonne necklace

Turquoise and black chunky necklace

This is my "Laura Necklace," it's very long and meant to be doubled over and worn. I named it my Laura Necklace because she was my inspiration for this one (she always wears ones like this).

Simple, yet elegant.

So this week is winter break and I have the week off from work. Originally I was supposed to be somewhere up north skiing, I will get there one day, but instead I ended up buying a new car. A week at home is needed from time to time as well. In the weeks leading up to this break I began to think and write a to do list of all the things I would like to accomplish... Today was the second day of my 9 days off and how many of those things have I accomplished??? Yes- none. I have a paper to write, a survey to create, and a research application to complete by Tuesday. What can I say, I work better under pressure.

Instead, I have spent much of the afternoon web surfing. I spent some time on esty and really have developed an appreciation for those crafters. I wish I had the time to create so many things instead of starting about 30 and never finishing them. I shouldn't say never, eventually I do go back and finish most of them. Maybe I will be motivated to finish somethings now...

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