Sunday, March 8, 2009


I ended up spending the weekend with a major case of cleaning ADD. I bounced around from room to room cleaning out the freezer, pantry, bedroom and beginning to organize the craft room. I even sorted through many of my undergraduate papers and was able to trash most of them.

On a side note, my camera is sick. It is draining the batteries while being used and when not in use. I am very sad and I am afraid that it is going to have to be replaced.


  1. Try a new battery first -- if it's not regular AA, AAA type batteries. If it's a special battery that you recharge in the wall, you may need a new one of those....

  2. I have ADD all the time, tee hee! I hope your camera gets fixed, I hate when that happens...we were replacing the batteries on our digital all the time too. We found it really drained the batteries when we used the screen to take the picture, instead of looking through the view finder.

    Jamie :-)